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In this section we provide useful information and necessary protocols to prepare protein samples to be analyzed in our group.


In agreement with the majority of proteomics laboratories, we only accept samples from Coomassie-stained gels. With regard to sensitivity, colloidal Coomassie staining is preferable as it is known to be at least five times more sensitive than conventional Coomassie stainings. We recommend to use our colloidal Coomassie staining procedure to ensure both sensitive staining and compatibility with mass spectrometric protein identification.


In some exceptional cases we may agree to analyze samples from silver-stained gels. These analyses require that you have contacted us well in advance to discuss the particular project and that you have strictly followed the silver staining procedure provided below.


Similar restrictions apply if you consider the use of fluorescent dyes such as SYPRO Ruby or other ruthenium-based dyes.

June 05, 2019


Cells Special Issue "25 Years of Proteomics in Cell Biology".


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October 30, 2018


Proteomic phenotyping platform contributes to the identification of a signalling pathway regulating neuron polarity.


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April 16, 2018


SUMO and aging.


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