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Sample Submission Form Guidelines:

After you have registered with the Proteomics Group, you will receive a sample submission form (Excel file) by email. The form will already contain your user ID and your affiliation (Department and Organization). Please add all other sample information as requested (see guidelines and examples below). 
Email is the only supported way to transfer the sample submission form to us. 
Submit one individual sample submission form for each microplate. 
If you submit samples in strips, sample information for up to 4 strips can be combined in one sample submission form. Only one strip submission per day is possible. 
Select in cell E2 the ‘Type’, either Microplate or Strip via pull-down menu. 
Fill in the date of submission in cells B2 – D2 using the pull-down menus. 
Fill in the running number of the microplate in cell F2 (pull-down menu) starting with 1 on every submission day. 

The submission ID is generated automatically in cell G2. 

Complete one line for each sample. Completion of the columns UserID, Department, Organization, Sample Name, Organism/Species, and Staining is mandatory, whereas completion of the columns Experimental Details and Sample Details is voluntary. However, we strongly recommend to enter as much information as possible. In case of identical sample information use "Copy and Paste" to fill out the lines as requested. Our automated data base import does not accept incomplete sample submission forms which will be returned to you without processing of the samples. 
Use the pull-down menu in cell E8 to specify the organism/species your samples are derived of. Contact us if your desired organism/species is missing in the selection field. 

Please write the submission ID automatically generated in cell G2 on the corresponding microplate or on a plastic bag containing up to 4 strips. For example userID:2005-01-01:MTP1 and userID:2005-01-01:MTP2 represent two microplates submitted on the same day, userID:2005-01-01 may include up to 4 strips with samples from S1-1 to S4-8. For more samples you would have used a microplate. 
Below you can find examples of correctly completed sample submission forms for Strips and MTP. 

Example for MTP (click on image to enlarge):

Example for Strips (click on image to enlarge):

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