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Sample Submission Instructions:

For spot picking from polyacrylamide gels, please use a punch of 1.5 mm internal diameter to get gelplugs of the same size. This is important for the reproducibility of the subsequent in-gel digestion procedure. The thickness of the gel should be 1 mm as our procedure is optimized for this dimension. We recommend to use the OneTouch Plus spot picker with disposable tips. For testing, this device is available in our laboratory. If you find it convenient, you may consider to purchase one for your regular use. Alternatively, you can use metal punches available as prototypes in our laboratory. 

Please add a negative control ("empty" gelplug from a region of the gel without protein staining) and a positive control (gelplug containing a known protein such as a molecular weight marker or an internal reference protein) to each set of samples. Please be aware that prestained molecular weight markers or ladder markers from recombinant proteins are not suitable as positive controls. If needed, small aliquots of a molecular weight marker containing non-stained natural proteins are available in our laboratory. When you submit samples from different gels, please deliver the requested controls from each gel. 

We exclusively accept samples in special 96-well microplate sandwiches available in our laboratory. 
You will receive the microplates sealed with cap strips. Please open only the wells to be filled with your samples and re-seal them. A microplate has to be filled in a vertical order: A1 to H1, A2 to H2 etc. Do not detach the upper digestion plate from the lower carrier plate ! 

For a smaller number of samples we offer sample strips with 8 vials per strip. Only strips provided by our laboratory are acceptable. If you have more than 32 samples (means 4 completely filled strips) you have to switch to microplates (see above). 
Please fill the strips always starting at number 1 which is already imprinted on the vials and proceed consecutively to number 8. To avoid a mix-up of samples you have to manually label the strips themself 1 (2,3,4) depending on the total number of samples. This will generate sample numbers S1-1 (for strip 1-sample 1) to S1-8 for your first strip and S2-1 to S2-8 for your second strip etc. 

The samples can be short-term stored at -20 °C without adding any liquid. Long-term storage should be avoided. 

Please note: 90 days after you have received your protein identification results by email, your samples (gel-plugs and peptide extracts) will be discarded to release storage capacity in our facility. Within this time, you can pick up your samples at any time for long-term storage in your laboratory. You will be notified again about the 90 day time limit any time you receive results. 

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