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In this section you will find selected publications of the Proteomics Group.


For complete publication records of the scientific staff, please refer to Team Information.


For further publications on myelin proteome analysis, please refer to our web resource.


For further joint publications with external partners, please refer to Collaborations.


Szego, É.M.; Dominguez-Meijide, A.; Gerhardt, E.; König, A.; Koss, D.J.; Li, W; Pinho, R.; Fahlbusch, C.; Johnson, M.; Santos, P.; Villar-Piqué, A.; Thom, T.; Rizzoli, S.; Schmitz, M.; Li, J.; Zerr, I.; Attems, J.; Jahn, O.; Outeiro, T.F. Cytosolic trapping of a mitochondrial heat shock protein is an early pathological event in synucleinopathies. Cell Reports 2019; 28:65-77.


Joseph, S.; Vingill, S.; Jahn, O.; Fledrich, R.; Werner, H.B.; Katona, I.; Möbius, W.; Mitkovski, M.; Huang, Y.; Weis, J.; Sereda, M.W.; Schulz, J.B.; Nave, K.-A.; Stegmüller, J. Myelinating glia-specific deletion of Fbxo7 in mice triggers axonal degeneration in the central nervous system together with peripheral neuropathy. Journal of Neuroscience 2019; 39:5606-5626.


López-Murcia, F.J.; Reim, K.; Jahn, O.; Taschenberger, H.; Brose, N. Acute Complexin knockout abates spontaneous and evoked transmitter release. Cell Reports 2019; 26:2521-2530.


Erwig, M.S.; Hesse, D.; Jung, R.B.; Uecker, M.; Kusch, K.; Tenzer, S.; *Jahn, O.; Werner, H.B. Myelin: Methods for purification and proteome analysis. Methods in Molecular Biology 2019; 1936:37-63 (*co-corresponding author).


Scholz, N.; Ehmann, N.; Sachidanandan, D.; Imig, C.; Cooper, B.H.; Jahn, O.; Reim, K.; Brose, N.; Meyer, J.; Lamberty, M.; Altrichter, S.; Bormann, A.; Hallermann, S.; Pauli, M.; Heckmann, M.; Stigloher, C.; Langenhan, T.; Kittel, R.J. Complexin cooperates with Bruchpilot to tether synaptic vesicles to the active zone cytomatrix. Journal of Cell Biology 2019; 218:1011-1026.


Erwig, M.S.; Patzig, J.; Steyer, A.M.; Dibaj, P.; Heilmann, M.; Heilmann, I.; Jung, R.B.; Kusch, K.; Möbius, W.; Jahn, O.; Nave, K.-A.; Werner, H.B. Anillin facilitates septin assembly to prevent pathological outfoldings of central nervous system myelin. eLife 2019; 8:e43888.


Hornung, K.; Zampar, S.; Engel, N.; Klafki, H.; Liepold, T.; Bayer, T.A.; Wiltfang, J.; Jahn, O.; Wirths, O. N-terminal truncated Aβ4-42 is a substrate for neprilysin degradation in vitro and in vivo. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 2019; 67:849-858.


Ambrozkiewicz, M.C.; Schwark, M.; Kishimoto-Suga, M.; Borisova, E.; Hori, K.; Salazar-Lázaro, A.; Rusanova, A.; Altas, B.; Piepkorn, L.; Bessa, P.; Schaub, T.; Zhang, X.; Rabe, T.; Ripamonti, S.; Rosário, M.; Akiyama, H.; Jahn, O.; Kobayashi, T.; Hoshino, M.; Tarabykin, V.; Kawabe, H. Polarity Acquisition in Cortical Neurons Is Driven by Synergistic Action of Sox9-Regulated Wwp1 and Wwp2 E3 Ubiquitin Ligases and Intronic miR-140. Neuron 2018; 100:1097-1115.


Sondermann, J.R.; Barry, A.M.; Jahn, O.; Michel, N.; Abdelaziz, R.; Kügler, S.; Gomez-Varela, D.; Schmidt, M. Vti1b promotes TRPV1 sensitization during inflammatory pain. Pain 2018; 160:508-527.


Stankova, T.; Piepkorn, L.; Bayer, T.A.; Jahn, O.; Tirard, M. SUMO1-conjugation is altered during normal aging but not by increased amyloid burden. Aging Cell 2018; 17:e12760.


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Kusch, K.; Uecker, M.; Liepold, T.; Möbius, W.; Hoffmann, C.; Neumann, H.; Werner, H. B.; Jahn, O. Partial immunoblotting of 2D-gels: A novel method to identify post-translationally modified proteins exemplified for the myelin acetylome. Proteomes 2017; 5:3.


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Biesemann, C.; Grønborg, M.; Luquet, E.; Wichert, S.P.; Bernard, V.; Bungers, S.R.; Cooper, B.; Varoqueaux, F.; Li, L.; Byrne, J.A.; Urlaub, H.; Jahn, O.; Brose, N.; Herzog, E. Proteomic screening of glutamatergic mouse brain synaptosomes isolated by fluorescence activated sorting. EMBO Journal 2014; 33:157-170.


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